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Epidemiological update: Multi-country outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes PCR serogroup IVb, MLST 6

Mie, 2018-03-07 14:00
Since the publication of the rapid risk assessment on a multi-country outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes serogroup IVb, multi-locus sequence type 6 (MLST 6) on 6 December 2017, four EU Member States reported seven new confirmed outbreak cases. Two of these cases were fatal.

Epidemiological update: West Nile virus transmission season in Europe, 2017

Mie, 2018-02-28 14:00
During the 2017 transmission season, 204 human cases and 127 equine cases were reported in the European Union. This year, for the first time, ECDC included equine West Nile fever cases in its epidemiological updates.

Salmonella Agona outbreak associated with infant formula milk

Vin, 2018-01-05 14:00
On 6 December 2017, France reported an outbreak of Salmonella Agona in infants <1 years of age linked to consumption of infant milk formula based on an epidemiological investigation. Different brands of infant formulas from the same producer in France and distributed to different countries inside and outside the EU were implicated as the vehicle of infection in this outbreak.

Epidemiological update: hepatitis A outbreak in the EU/EEA mostly affecting men who have sex with men

Vin, 2017-12-22 14:00
Since the last epidemiological update on this multi-country hepatitis A outbreak published on 29 September 2017, 22 EU/EEA countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom-England & Wales) have reported 950 new outbreak-confirmed cases. Outbreak-confirmed cases are EU/EEA residents with laboratory-confirmed hepatitis A virus (HAV) genotype IA and a sequence with ≥99.3% homology to one of the three HAV genotype IA outbreak strains (VRD_521_2016; RIVM-HAV16-090; and V16-25801) based on overlapping fragments at the VP1-2a region.

Yellow fever in Brazil: confirmed cases in urban areas in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Vin, 2017-12-01 14:00
From July to October 2017 the Brazilian authorities reported three confirmed human cases of yellow fever - one in Rio de Janeiro and two in São Paulo State. One person died. In addition, several animal cases were detected in the urban area of São Paulo City. The national health authorities have started a vaccination campaign in São Paulo State.

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